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During the 2007 summer traditional tournaments schedule in town of Primorsko and in town of Kiten was held a work meeting. In that meeting took part - Mayor of Primorsko municipality engineer Dimitar Dimitrov, Deputy president of State agency for youth and sport (SAYS) prof. Vesselin Margaritov, the major expert of SAYS in Burgas region Georgi Delchev, the President of APESDAR Stefan Kinov, the technical director of APESDAR Deyan Gospodinov, the members of Primorsko municipality council etc.
The Mayor of Primorsko Municipality engineer Dimitar Dimitrov expressed the willingness of the Primorsko Municipality to develop a quality sport activities on it's territory. The Mayor showed to prof. Vesselin Margaritov and other guests the new sports hall and recreational center with aquapark. The sports hall is a multi-functional - there is very good conditions for practicing several sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, mini-soccer and futsal, etc.  The Aqualand is situated next to the hall. Also next to them was build a beautiful tennis center. All of these sports and amusement facilities are built with the support of Primorsko municipality. Deputy president of State agency for youth and sport (SAYS) prof. Vesselin Margaritov was very impressed of the work that was done concerning construction of the modern facilities and expressed his hope for the developing of sport program here not only through the summer season and in the whole year.
During the work meeting the partnership between APESDAR, SAYS and Primorsko municipality was strengthened and was given the future goals for developing junior and youth sports, sport for all, as well as establishing Primorsko municipality as international center for sport and recreation not only during the summer season and also during the rest of the year.

Left to right: Stefan Kinov, eng. Dimitar Dimitrov, Diko Shurelov (member of Primorsko municipality council), prof. Vesselin Margaritov, Georgi Delchev



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